Log Management syslog-ng Foundation Training


Attend this four-day syslog-ng Log Management Foundation training course to build the knowledge and skills needed to successfully install, configure, operate and troubleshoot One Identity syslog-ng Premium Edition (PE) and One Identity syslog-ng Store Box (SSB). Plus, as part of the course, you can safely hone your syslog-ng Log Management skills in simulated environments to your increase your hands-on experience before you taking on a live implementation.

Intended audience

  • Architects and consultants who will plan, install and configure syslog-ng Log Management
  • Partners seeking to deploy syslog-ng Log Management


Proper knowledge of log management and experience with other log management products is helpful to follow the lab lecture-based course.


This course covers:

  • Overview of the feature-set of syslog-ng Premium Edition
  • Introduction to syslog protocols (RFC3164, RFC5424 and Eventlog)
  • Installation and basic settings of syslog-ng PE
  • Using Macros and Templates to reformat syslog messages
  • Setup filters
  • Managing syslog-ng daemon from the command line
  • Transferring messages via the network and securing them
  • Collecting messages from windows machines
  • Storing messages in logstores and encrypt them.
  • Parsing messages by message parser modules and reformat them by rewrite modules
  • Storing messages in SQL databases
  • Classifying messages with the radix tree algorithm based patterndb
  • Advanced setting and syslog-ng internals
  • Troubleshooting syslog-ng PE
  • Overview and introduction to syslog-ng Store Box (SSB)
  • Configuring and initializing by the Welcome Wizard
  • Simple settings of SSB
  • Access control on the box
  • Backup, Cleanup and archive logspaces
  • Filtering and Rewriting messages
  • MRA: message rate alerting and Reports
  • Forwarding message to external devices
  • How HA works and when to use them
  • Troubleshooting SSB and how to use the support system


Introduction syslog-ng PE

  • Features
  • History of syslog-ng PE
  • Protocol Overview

Simple Settings

  • Install syslog-ng PE
  • Configuration and Licensing
  • Sources and source drivers
  • Destinations and destination drivers
  • The logpath
  • Global options

Macros and Templates

  • What is message parsing
  • What are macros
  • What are templates and how to use them


  • Define filters
  • Filter modules
  • Usage in the logpath
  • Flags of the logpath

Command Line Tools

  • Command line tools to manage syslog-ng


  • Transfer messages via the network
  • Securing the transport
  • Increase reliability

Windows Messaging

  • Using syslog-ng Agent for windows for message forwarding
  • Collecting event logs by Windows WEC


  • Configuring and displaying logstore files
  • Encrypt and decrypt logstores

Message Parsing

  • Separate message parts by parser modules

Database support

  • Sending messages to SQL databases

Message Content Manipulation

  • Rewriting messages and message parts

Message Classification

  • Separate and classify messages by patterndb

Advanced Settings

  • Syslog-ng Internals
  • Message flow and limits
  • Disk buffering
  • Monitoring syslog-ng
  • Configuration tips and tricks

Troubleshooting syslog-ng PE

  • Troubleshooting syslog-ng settings
  • Troubleshooting syslog-ng Agent for Windows

Introduction and Overview of SSB

  • What is SSB
  • Basic functions and benefits of the device

Configuration and Welcome Wizard

  • Initialize your SSB
  • Getting familiar with the interface

Simple Settings

  • Basics of SSB
  • Sources
  • Logspaces
  • The search interface
  • Sharing logspaces

Access Control

  • Layers and methods of access control

Backup, Cleanup and Archive

  • Methods of backup and archive
  • Setup backup
  • Perform a full backup and restore

Filter and Rewrite messages and Parsers

  • Setup message filters and parsers
  • Configure pattern database

Alerting Monitoring and Reports

  • Configure alerting methods
  • Configure trap cases
  • Configure reports

Forwarding Messages

  • Sending messages to syslog servers, SQL servers and HDFS

High Availability

  • Introduce the HA concept
  • Setup HA clusters

Troubleshooting SSB

  • Troubleshooting SBB devices



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