Identity Manager Web Portal Development Training


During this course, you’ll learn how to use the Web Designer tool in Identity Manager. This five-day course has hands-on activity to help you understand how to configure, customize, and perform web development for the Identity Manager Standard Web Portal. Topics include model view controller, label editing, and custom web project creation.

Intended audience

This class is designed for Architects and Consultants with the need to plan and develop customer specific Standard Web Portal extensions or custom Web Portals. This course is particularly suitable for Implementation Web Developers.


  • Knowledge and experience with identity management concepts and systems
  • At least one of the following courses must be completed:
    • Introduction to Identity Manager Basics
    • Identity Manager Implementation Certification
  • Familiarity with .NET architecture and programming is recommended


  • Overview, Architecture, and Deployment of the Web Portal and the Web Application
  • Configuration of the Standard Web Portal
  • Web Portal Development


Welcome to Web Designer - Overview

  • Model View Controller in Web Designer
  • Web Designer interfaces

Web Designer Basics

  • Label editing
  • Custom Web Project creation and module selection
  • Copying, configuring and creating of new modules

Web Portal layout redefinition

  • Web portal standard layout concept
  • Customization of layout style information

Web Designer tools and methods

  • Collections in Web Designer
  • Talking “Web-SQL”
  • References in Web Designer
  • Using request properties

Further technical programming capabilities

  • Virtual functions in Web Designer
  • Virtual collections / Additional properties on collections
  • Update events and (conditional) actions
  • Looping / iterations in Web Designer
  • In-depth look into some standard components

Publishing a web application

  • Install, upgrade and launch new web application on a web server



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