The purpose of this five-days course is to provide architects, consultants, and implementation partners with a general overview of the Identity Manager feature-set, installation, configuration and customization of the solution framework as well an overview of the main business processes that are part of the solution framework. This course covers:

  • Overview of the feature-set of Identity Manager
  • Identity Manager main business processes
  • Customization capabilities of the solution framework
  • Deployment planning

Intended audience

This class is designed as an introduction for architects and consultants who will plan, install and work with the Identity Manager solution framework. The course is particularly suited for implementation partners and is a mandatory part of the Identity Manager implementation certification process.


Knowledge and experience with identity management concepts and systems.



  • Introductions
  • Course Learning Objectives & Agenda
  • Product Overview (IM-BOA)

Installation and Deployment Structure

  • Installation and Configuration (IM-INS)
  • Deployment Structure (IM-BDS)

Configuration: Connecting Source and Target

  • Configuration versus Customizing (IM-BCO)
  • Basic Synchronization Configuration (IM-BSC)
  • Basic Framework Security (IM-SEC)
  • Connecting Basic Target Systems (IM-CBS)
  • Database Calculation and Processes (IM-DBQ)

Main Business Processes

  • Working with Roles (IM-ROL)
  • Basic IT Shop and Approval Processes (IM-BIT)
  • Basic Compliance and Attestation (IM-BCA)

Advanced Configuration and Customization

  • Basic Report Subscription (IM-BRP)
  • Basic Templates and Scripts (IM-BTS)
  • Data Model and Schema Extensions (IM-DSE)
  • Basic Fulfilment Processes (IM-BFP)
  • Demo: Web Designer Walkthrough
  • Transport and Staging (IM-TRP)
  • Deployment Planning (IM-DPL)



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