Active Roles Implementation and Configuration Training


The purpose of this five-days course is to train the student about the architecture, deployment and configuration of Active Roles. Active Roles simplifies and secures Active Directory management by supporting enforced role-based security, automated group management, and user account creation / de-provisioning. Through Active Roles, companies achieve practical User/Group lifecycle management for their enterprise.


This class is designed for Architects, Consultants and Operations Administrators needing to manage and support an Active Roles deployment.


  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft technology such as Active Directory, Exchange and network concepts including hands-on administration experience.
  • A good working knowledge of Active Directory management, provisioning and object administration techniques is essential.


  • Product architecture
  • Navigating the various interfaces with a description of their intended uses and features
  • Planning the deployment of Active Roles in an enterprise
  • Installing Active Roles
  • Configuring Active Roles
  • Day-to-day Operations


  • Introduction
  • Overview & Architecture
  • Core Components
  • Deployment Planning
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Managed Units
  • Automated Group Management
  • Web Interface Customization
  • Object Creation and Deprovisioning Policies
  • Workflow Policies
  • Reporting
  • DAC Claims-Based Access Rules
  • Entitlement Profiles



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