Here is why

API schema is a must have

“API configuration and security issues, remote exploitation and accessing confidential data were common ways for threat actors to take advantage…”
IBM Security X-Force Report.

Many enterprise customers acknowledge that they don’t have a schema for some of their APIs. An API schema identifies valid API requests and responses based on several parameters, not just the destination endpoint and the HTTP method. Without implementing API schemas, you cannot define what should happen in your API traffic. This can result in significant security risks for your business.

Schema validation and enforcement ensure that traffic flowing to and from API endpoints adheres to the specifications. Not only is conformance to the HTTP protocol enforced, but each request and response is validated, down to the key-value level against the schema which describes the API. Security schema enforcement ensures that only permitted data is transmitted through, preventing incorrect or potentially malicious calls from reaching your servers or sensitive data from being leaked.

You don’t have API schemas and don’t know how to create them? Let us show you how easy it is.

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